Posted by: aet5 | April 5, 2010

Dr. David L. Perry

Affiliation: Professor of Applied Ethics, and Director of the Vann Center for Ethics, Davidson College, Box 7142, Davidson NC 28035, USA.

Teaching in the field :

I’ve taught courses on Ethics and Warfare (including readings on comparative religious approaches) for over ten years at undergraduate and graduate levels, including six years at the U.S. Army War College.

Work in the field:

A chapter on ethics and war in comparative religious perspective was included in my 2009 book from Scarecrow Press entitled Partly Cloudy: Ethics in War, Espionage, Covert Action, and Interrogation. I’ve also published several related articles elsewhere.

Research Interests:

Inter-cultural dialogue in conflict situations, Christianity in war and peace, Pacifism, Just war theory and alternatives , Islam in war and peace, Hinduism in  war and peace, Truth and reconciliation processes, Role of religious actors in conflict and peace-making, Judaism in war and peace, Humanitarian law, Buddhism in war and peace,  Laws of war, Civilians/non-combatants.

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