University of Edinburgh researchers working in related areas

Jamie Allinson Politics/International Relations Arab nationalism, Jordanian foreign policy; game theory.
Professor Zenon Bankowski Law Legal theory; institutions, law and theology; creating institutions of love; Christian and Socialist views of post-communist ethics and politics.
Dr Andrea Birdsall Politics/International Relations International humanitarian law, international human rights law, war and morality; the impact of human rights on national and international security considerations in contentious issues related to the so-called ‘war on terror’ (such as ‘extraordinary renditions’ and prisoner treatment at Guantanamo Bay).
Dr Cecelia Clegg Divinity Theology and reconciliation; reconciliation within religious communities; sectarianism, particularly in Northern Ireland.
Hilary Cornish Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World/School of Social and Political Science I’m interested in security sector reform and counterinsurgency in the Middle East, focussing primarily on Iraq.  I’m particularly looking at the construction of military identities and culture in forming working relationships negotiating ideas of gender and cultural difference.  As part of this I’ve a broader interest perceptions of Islam as a marker of difference.
Dr Jeremy Crang History Dr Crang’s research interests lie in the field of modern British History, with a particular interest in the Second World War, the armed forces, and the relationship between the armed forces and society.
Dr Gary Dickson History Medieval religious revivalism; medieval crowd behaviour; medieval peace movements; the crusades; popular crusades, especially the children’s crusade; religious charisma, medieval and modern.
Dr Claire Duncanson Politics/International Relations International security, IR theory, gender politics; the construction of military masculinities in the British Army on Peace Support Operations; humanitarian intervention, peace-building and nuclear proliferation.
Dr Joost Fontein Social Anthropology Spirit mediums, sacred places, war veterans and political subjectivity; anthropology of landscape; politics of memory; nationalism and the post-colonial state; belonging, sovereignty and the materiality of place.
Professor Duncan Forrester Divinity Public theology, apocalyptic theologies and terror, just war theologies; Indian politics and society, especially in Tamil Nadu.
Dr Alex Guilherme Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Conflict and dialogue in the works of Franz Fanon, Martin Buber and Leonardo Boff. Buber’s philosophy of education, philosophy and practice of dialogue, peace education.
Professor Tim Hayward Politics/International Relations International political theory, environmental security.
Dr Fabian Hilfrich History Fabian Hilfrich is interested in the ideological dimension of American debates on war and peace, particularly in how far they relate to ideas about democracy, nationalism, and American ‘exceptionalism’, the country’s own version of a ‘civil religion’. Fabian has particularly focused on the debate on the Philippine-American War and on the Vietnam War.
Professor Carole Hillenbrand Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies History of the crusades, jihad.
Professor Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones History Intelligence liaison as a factor in international security.
Dr Dominic Johnson Politics/International Relations The influence of biology on religion, politics, conflict and cooperation
Dr Andrew Marsham Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Political culture and political ritual in Late Antiquity and Early Islam; Umayyad and early Abbasid history; Early Islamic historiography; Rebellion and violence in early Islam; Comparative Late Antique and Early Medieval History.
Hope Murray Politics/International Relations Twentieth century genocide, Ideology, Nationalism, Historical Sociology and Path Dependency.
Professor Michael Northcott Divinity Professor Michael Northcott has written widely on making war and peace, including in his book An Angel Directs the Storm: Apocalyptic Religion and American Empire (SCM Press 2004), in which he explores the relationships between American and Islamic apocalyptic theologies, zionism and the ‘war on terror’, and a number of articles on the ‘war on terror’, on the ethical implications of new weapons technologies, and on the relationship between peace and ecology.
Professor Oliver O’Donovan Divinity Christian political thought, theology and law, “just war” and international order.
Dr Milja Radovic Divinity/Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace Media and violence, religion and reconciliation in the Former Yugoslav states, particularly Serbia and Bosnia.
Zoey Reeve Politics/International Relations My thesis aims to offer an interdisciplinary, multi-level explanation of the process of radicalisation towards violence in intergroup conflict, with specific focus on terrorism.  It does this primarily using a social, and evolutionary, psychological framework.  Religion does play a role in what I do, from a socio-evolutionarily psychological rather than a theological perspective.
Dr Adham Saouli Politics/International Relations International Relations, Middle East politics with special interest in state formation and state survival.
Dr George R. Wilkes Divinity/Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace Military ethics education; Israeli and other Jewish approaches to ethics in war and peace; pluralist approaches to post-conflict reconciliation.
Dr Wolfgang Zeller Development Studies, African Studies Political anthropology, geography and history of African borderlands and boundaries; Cross-border trade in zones of protracted conflict; development and security.
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