Dr Milja Radovic

Dr Milja Radovic (Mth, PhD), Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Edinburgh

Dr Radovic, a native of Belgrade, studied Theology and completed her Master’s and Doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh. Her research has spanned across an interdisciplinary field focusing on religion, media and culture, and she has research interests in religion and politics, identity, gender, and nationalism; media, violence, religion and extremist movements; cultural space as space for reconciliation/dialogue; post-conflict justice and reconciliation processes, with a special focus on the Balkans.

Dr Radovic is currently preparing a book on Transnational Cinema and Ideology: Religion, Identity and Culture. In her PhD, she explored cinematic representations of nationalist-religious ideology in Serbian film.

She has participated at several International Conferences on Religion, Media and Culture and has been a member of the jury at several Film and TV Festivals.

Selected Publications and Conference Papers

Book Chapters:

  • “Representation of Religion in Serbian Films of the 1990s, Case Study: Pretty Village, Pretty Flame”, in: Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age (Christopher Deacy, Elisabeth Arweck eds.) Ashgate, 2009, p.189-202.
  • “Resisting the Ideology of Violence in 1990s Serbian film”, in Studies in World Christianity, Volume 14 Part 2, The Edinburgh Review of Theology & Religion (Alistair Kee, ed.) Edinburgh University Press, 2008, p. 168-180.
  • “Images of Women in Serbian Media”, in Women Reclaim and Human Rights Education, Journal of the WACC Media Development (Philip Lee, ed.) London, 3/2005, p. 45-49.


Conference papers:

  • June 2011, International Conference: The Power of Religion: Towards Peace and Moderation or Violence and Extremism? London

Paper: Peace- Building in the Post-Conflict Balkans: Religion, Extremism and Nationhood

  • August 2008, International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture, Sao Paolo, Brazil:

Paper: Turbo Folk Serbia: Crime, Sex and Cross – Pornography as Political Weapon.

  • July 2007, International Film Conference: Peacemaking in the World of Film, The University of Edinburgh:

Paper: Film versus Ideology?

  • April 2007, Sociology of Religion Study Group Annual Conference: Exploring Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age, Oxford:

Paper: Representation of Religion in Serbian Films of the 1990s.

  • July 2006, International Conference on Religion, Media and Culture, Sweden:

Paper: Film as a Way of Resistance

Panel Discussions and Seminars:

  • June 2009, Close- Up Film Seminar, Centre for Film, Performance, Media and Arts, The University of Edinburgh:

Joint Presentation (Dr Jolyon Mitchell, Milja Radovic, Alina Birzache and Yasmin Fedda): Seeing through Film, Religion and Ethics

  • May 2005, Participant at the WACC Annual Seminar: New Covenant for Europe, Strasbourg, France.
  • Participated in the Church of Scotland Project, Trafficking of Women from Eastern Europe to the UK (2005)

Film /TV Festivals with Interfilm/Ecumenical Jury

  • November 2007 Member of the Jury at the East European Film Festival, Cottbus, Germany
  • February 2006 Member of the Jury at the Berlin Film Festival-Berlinale, Berlin, Germany
  • May 2004 Member of the International Jury at the 15th European TV Festival of Religious Program, Warsaw, Poland

Member of a number of academic and professional organisations, as well as Interfilm, WACC, International Project for Research on Religion, Media and Culture

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