Dr Stacey Gutkowski

Dr Stacey Gutkowski is a Research Associate for the Religion and Ethics in War and Peace Making Programme and ESRC Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sussex.

Dr Gutkowski works in the areas of security studies and international political sociology. Her research interests include political Islamism, terrorism, secularism, critical theory and the politics of security.  Dr Gutkowski’s most recent work looks at British interactions with the Mehdi Army in Iraq and British anti-radicalisation strategy as a lens through which to explore the relationship between the politics of secularism and the politics of risk. Her PhD dissertation is entitled “Religious Violence, Secularism and the British Security Imaginary, 2001-2009”, a study of British policymakers’ attitudes towards so-called religious violence in late modernity and their impact on post-2001 security policy.  An abstract can be found here.

Dr Gutkowski is an executive committee member of the British International Studies Association Working Group on Religion, Security and International Relations.  She is also a co-director of the Non-Religion and Secularity Research Network.  She has also written on gender and security, women’s human rights, children’s rights and youth peacemaking in Israel/Palestine.  Prior to beginning her PhD she worked as a policy analyst for a children’s NGO in Dublin, Ireland.


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