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The Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace Project maintains connections with scholars, professionals and other interested parties throughout the world. We are glad to promote the work of partners and others with a serious interest in the relationship between religion, ethics and war and peace-making, particularly seeking to promote further discussion and cooperation between those working on different aspects of this topic from around the world. If you would like to add a brief summary of your profile to those you can see on the website already, please download the form below and return it to the Programme Director:  george.wilkes[[@]]

A large and fast-growing body of scholars around the world work on religion and ethics in war and peacetime. This Programme supports sustained dialogue and cooperation across religious, political, geographical and disciplinary differences, and connects scholars with similar interests through regular updates on developments in related fields.

To add a profile of your work and current interests to the network, download the Profile Form.

Gorazd Andrejc, University of Exeter

Britt Baillie, University of Cambridge

Syeda Beena Butool, Programme on Religion and Ethics in War and Peace-Making

Christopher Catherwood, University of Cambridge

Stuart A. Cohen, Bar Ilan University

Reverend Sara P. Cliff

Liora Danan, Yale University/Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project

Denis Dragovic, University of St Andrews

Rosemary Durward, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Monica Elbasani, Wissenschaftszentrum fur Sozialforschung, Berlin

Lucia Faltin, Woolf Institute/Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Jonathan Gorsky Heythrop College, University of London (peace and dialogue organisations)

Jeroen Gunning, Aberystwyth University

Stacey Gutkowski, University of Sussex

Darragh Hare, University of Glasgow

Rabbi Michael Harris, London School of Jewish Studies

Toussaint Honvou, Benin Literacy Project/Protestant Methodist Conference Church

Roy Kaushik, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo

Matthijs Kronemeijer Netherlands Armed Forces Chaplaincy Service

James A. Lenaghan, Ohio State University

José Liht, University of Cambridge

Kamal Raj Lamsal, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

David L. Perry, Vann Centre for Ethics, Davidson College

Settoul Elyamine, Institute of Political Studies of Paris

Sara Silvestri, City University, London

Ian Steed Humanitarian Centre

Tim Stevens, Kings College London

Daniel Timmer, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson MS

George R. Wilkes, University of Edinburgh

Monica Willard, United Religions Initiative

Corri Zoli, Syracuse University

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