Project researchers working at the University of Edinburgh cooperate with partners from a number of universities around the world, typically in small teams and focused on pressing current problems.

Current research projects

Ongoing work on religion and Truth and Reconciliation initiatives will be presented at conferences in Edinburgh in December 2011 and March 2012.

A team works on the nature and effectiveness of military ethics education, particularly where religion is viewed as either an aid to teaching about ethics or as a problem for the contemporary military. Team members are working on projects focusing on the UK military, on a comparison across NATO militaries, and on military ethics education in the states of the Former Yugoslavia. The team is at the scoping stage of further work on military ethics education for peacekeepers, particularly for Asian and African states with large peace-keeping obligations.

A two-year project on key challenges to the rebuilding of cross-communal relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina is described further here.

Project researchers are at the scoping stage in work on the impact of humanitarian and peace-building initiatives in pluralistic conflict environments. NGOs with an interest should contact the Director at george.wilkes[[@]]

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