Survey on Attitudes to Reconciliation, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Download Executive Summary here.

Published in Sarajevo, October 2012. © Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace, The University of Edinburgh, and the Center for Empirical Research on Religion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Download Survey Report in English.

Download Survey Report in Bosnian.

Download Survey Report in Croatian.

Download Survey Report in Serbian.


Comments are welcomed here and at the site of our partners, Do you have any reflections on the subject of the report? Comments will remain open for the next few weeks, and will be used in planning for the next round of research at the beginning of 2013.


  1. One of the first observations that I have about this report which is not the only interesting finding I am sure is the association between religious commitment and faith in the value of the reconciliation process. I am not sure that the same association would apply to other contexts, particularly to Kurdistan of Northern Iraq where I am from. It would be interesting to specifically investigate that question or other questions to that context.

  2. Noting that “…the respondent’s place of residence was a significant factor in differences over the roles of religious actors, politicians, and the role of the past in the reconciliation work”, the 4 cities chosen for the study seem quite odd. It would have been nice to see responses from Brcko!

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