Workshop on Reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina – December 2011

Reconciliation and Trust-Building in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Two-day workshop, December 14-15, 2011

New College, University of Edinburgh

For paper abstracts, see here.

For a brief commentary on the discussions at the workshop, see here.


December 14

Session 1       The Edinburgh Project: Findings and Future Agenda

Session 2       Reconciliation and Trust-building On The Ground

14.30-15.20   ‘Interreligious Dialogue and Reconciliation’, Revd Donald Reeves, Soul of Europe

15.40-16.30   ‘Independent Media and Reconciliation’, Dr Milja Radovic, School of Divinity/University of Edinburgh

16.30 -17.15 ‘The Role of the ICTY and its Impact on Reconciliation in Bosnia’, Lord Bonomy, Former Justice, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

December 15

Session 2 (continued)

09:00-09.50  ‘Peacebuilding and the Fragmentation of Public Space’, Stefanie Kappler, University of St Andrews

09.50-10.40   ‘Policing, Democracy, Pacification and Trust’, Dr Andy Aitchison, School of Social and Political Science, and Jarrett Blaustein, School of Law/University of Edinburgh

11.10-12.00   ‘Citizenship and political communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina’, Dr Igor Stiks, CITSEE/University of Edinburgh

12.00-12.50   ‘Defining Membership in the Sub-State Polities of Bosnia and Herzegovina’, Dejan Stjepanovic, CITSEE/University of Edinburgh

12.50-13.00   Review of Proceedings, Cvete Koneska, St Antony’s College, Oxford

Session 3       Religion, Reconciliation and Trust-Building in Bosnia-Herzegovina

14.00-14.40   ‘Theology and the Practice of Reconciliation’, Dr Cecelia Clegg, School of Divinity/University of Edinburgh

14.40-15.20   ‘Bosnia-Herzegovina as a Critique of the Post-Liberal Approach to Interreligious Relations’, Gorazd Andrejc, Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace, School of Divinity/University of Edinburgh, and University of Exeter

15.20-16.00         ‘Feminism and Faith: Women Building Peace and Reconciliation’, Prof. Pauline Kollontai, University of York St John

Invited Comments: Professor Michael Northcott, School of Divinity/University of Edinburgh

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