Education and Training for Ethics

The Education and Training for Ethics working group is engaged in collaborative work on the role of military ethics training in the British, US, Balkan and Israeli contexts.

It welcomes interest from scholars and educators working on

  • the historic development of education and training in relation to decision-making in the use of armed force and in peace-making. Participants in the programme are working on the development of ethics programming in military staff colleges, and on the use of catechism in military ethics instruction.
  • the relationship between success in instilling ethical approaches to armed combat and: broader life experience; religious tradition and practice; teaching methods; the use of ethical codes and symbolic or performative exercises
  • the role of religion in education and training focused on the ethics of war and peace-making
  • the relationship between religion and ideology in military training where armies engage in genocide and war crimes

Please contact the Programme Director at: george.wilkes[[@]]

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