Lessons from the Wars of Religion

The Lessons from the Wars of Religion Group first met in February 2008, and fed on the large body of historical expertise at the University of Cambridge with specialist interests in early modern warfare and religion. The working group aimed to cover a range of issues: the use of religious teaching in legitimating and in delegitimating armed conduct, from political and military command level to the instruction of soldiers and preaching in local communities; the development of theories of just and unjust war; the influence of theology in the elaboration and implementation of just war doctrines; the relationship between ethical instruction and political and technological change; sieges and peace negotiations; wartime atrocities; mercenaries and conscripts; non-combatants, supply forces, plunder and the arms trade; and pacifism and non-violence as responses to warfare.

Scholars with an interest in this area of research are welcome to contact the Programme Director at george.wilkes[[@]]ed.ac.uk.

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