Bosnia-Herzegovina research to be published and launched in Sarajevo

Watch this space for the latest publication and research activity news from the project Religion and Reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, conducted by a team from across Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region.

Other Upcoming Events

Dr Wilkes will speak to a lunchtime meeting of the Council on Christian Approaches to Defence and Disarmament (CCADD) in London on 8 February. His lecture is entitled ‘Changing Decisions about the Use of Armed Force: Moral voices, reasons for restraint and institutional cultures’. For more information, see:

In May 2018, Relwar research will be presented at the European conference of the International Society for Military Ethics, in Toledo.

Together with civil society partners, Relwar is currently helping to plan events in Edinburgh and in Lebanon, focused on reconciliation and humanitarian relief.

Ongoing studies

  • Current scholarship at the Project includes work on the evaluation of military ethics education and of the role of military chaplains in ethics provision in a select group of NATO and non-NATO states, a survey of attitudes to a Truth and Reconciliation process in ten localities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, and research focusing on reconciliation, civil society and the public sphere, focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina and on Serbia.
  • Annedore Wilmes has been awarded a consultancy to conduct research on ‘Cross-Cultural, Interreligious and Conflict Sensitive Ethics Programming’. Annedore has completed an M.Th. by research at the University of Edinburgh, with a dissertation exploring concepts of reconciliation held by Christians today. In her previous universities, Bayreuth and Münster in Germany, she studied theology, religious and cultural studies, and law. She has also conducted research on religion and reconciliation at the local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Scholarships and internships

  • The Project welcomes student enquiries about gaining research experience. John Choo conducted his summer research experience with the Project in 2015, and Joe Gayeski, Alissa Graff, Fasila Hanif and Charles Stainforth conducted Project research in 2012-14. The Project’s interns for 2011 were Sally May, Deborah Rosenthal and Marcel Rother.
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