Bosnia-Herzegovina research to be published and launched in Sarajevo

Watch this space for the latest publication and research activity news from the project Religion and Reconciliation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, conducted by a team from across Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region. Our research team has travelled across 13 cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, investigating stakeholder perspectives on challenges for inclusive peacebuilding at the local and state-wide levels. A further high-level stakeholder event will take place to mark the launch of the next series of reports and research monographs in the autumn of 2020. This is the culmination of the latest phase of a ground-breaking study launched in 2011.

Other Upcoming Events

Relwar engagements in Scotland, Germany, Morocco, Israel, Slovakia and the USA are now postponed.

Research Experience

We are delighted that Amy Culshaw will be undertaking a postgraduate Research Experience with the Relwar Project over the summer of 2020, working on issues relating to reconciliation and peacebuilding where religion and interreligious relationships mark the ways in which conflict and atrocity are understood. Amy recently graduated with an MA in Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where she has also worked on Scottish activities with the Remembering Srebrenica initiative, commemorating the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ongoing studies

  • Relwar is conducting a survey of educators who teach about ethics or law in a military context. Results will be discussed with interested parties later in 2020, and a series of publications are planned.
  • A partnership focused on the study of religion and normative approaches to war is under development with a university in Moscow.
  • Current scholarship at the Project includes work on the evaluation of military ethics education, on the significance of ethics in the teaching of International Humanitarian Law, on the role of military chaplains in ethics provision in a select group of NATO and non-NATO states, and on attitudes to reconciliation processes in post-conflict societies, from the West Balkans to the Middle East. A new cooperation with partners in Euro-ISME aims to present case commentaries that demonstrate the role of military ethics education in promoting compliance with International Humanitarian Law.  The Project is also supporting work on military ethics in Scandinavia, led by a colleague at Lund University.
  • A study of the impact of compliance with International Humanitarian Law on peace processes and post-conflict resolution is in preparation, with partners across Europe. More details soon.
  • The Relwar team has a project in development on the relationship between intercultural reconciliation projects for youth and the achievement of the Sustainability and Development Goals. Our proposal for a Memory Bank focused on local intercultural and interreligious solidarity made it to the last 5 in the British Council’s 2018 Digital Ideas Challenge, out of 2000 entries. Watch out for follow-up news later in 2020.
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